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jam Tests_of_the_Attachment_and_Clinical_Issues.99686.pdf
Journal of Addiction Medicine (2015)
  • Marc A. Lindberg, Ph.D.
Objectives: Although many major theories tie the addictions to specific
pathways and neurochemical systems evolutionarily implicated
in food and social behavioral systems, there is a paucity of instruments
from the psychological level that can measure these important attachment,
social, and emotional counterparts. Two studies were designed
to examinewhether theAttachment and Clinical Issues Questionnaire
(ACIQ) could help fill this limitation in psychological measurement.
Methods: In study 1, the ACIQ was given to patients in a substance
abuse unit and control participants funneled to match from a larger
population. To address the issue of their hypothesized tendency to
blame everything on past experiences, study 2 tested whether the
above results would be replicated with high school students predicted
to develop alcohol dependence.
Results: In study 1, on the patient population, significant differences
were found on the attachment and clinical scales in predicted directions.
In study 2, on the high school students, the central predictions
were again confirmed with this different and larger population, but
with interesting developmental differences.
Conclusions: The 2 studies using different populations and definitions
of alcohol dependence converged on similar results. The ACIQ
was found to be a robust battery formeasuring attachment and clinical
issues displayed by both patient populations and high school students
only predicted to develop alcohol dependence. The results were further
discussed in terms of how theymove us toward Research Domain
Criteria (RDoC) approaches to diagnosis and treatment, paying attention
to important individual differences in attachments, and clinical
  • ACIQ and alcoholism,
  • alcoholism and attachments and clinical issues,
  • diagnoses of issues of alcoholics,
  • measures used for alcoholism,
  • RDoC for alcoholism
Publication Date
Winter December 1, 2015
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Marc A. Lindberg. "jam Tests_of_the_Attachment_and_Clinical_Issues.99686.pdf" Journal of Addiction Medicine Vol. 9 Iss. 4 (2015) p. 286 - 295 ISSN: 1932-0620/15/000000-0001
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