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Circumflex Advancement in Prekmurje and Beyond
Slovene Studies (1992)
  • Marc L Greenberg, University of Kansas

The article discusses the advancement of the inherited Proto-Slavic falling tone ("circumflex") in Slovene dialects with a focus on the eastern periphery of the Slovene dialect territory and the western periphery of the Croatian Kajkavian territory. It is found that restrictions on the advancement from the first syllable to the second syllable are found on both western and eastern peripheries of the Slovene territory. As a result a the author notes a hierarchy of environments in which the advancement is realized.

  • Slavic acentology,
  • word prosody,
  • accents and accentuation,
  • comparative linguistics,
  • dialects,
  • Slovenian language,
  • dialectology,
  • Croation language
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Marc L Greenberg. "Circumflex Advancement in Prekmurje and Beyond" Slovene Studies Vol. 14 Iss. 1 (1992)
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