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Negotiator Resilience.docx
Academy of Management Meeting (2012)
  • Brianna B Caza
  • Mara Olekalns
Negotiator resilience is an important but understudied concept in the negotiations literature. We integrate the negotiations and resilience literature to demonstrate that adversity in negotiations can lead to a variety of responses ranging from counterproductive to constructive and resilient. Further, we propose that negotiation efficacy (NE), defined as a general confidence in one’s negotiation abilities, is an important resource that promotes constructive, resilient responses to negotiation adversity. Using an experimental design with a sample of MBA students we test these predictions. Our findings indicate that NE is an important resource that influences constructive responses to negotiation adversity.  We discuss the implications for these findings for both negotiation research and practice. We hope that this paper will serve as an important launching point for future work on negotiator resilience.
  • negotiation,
  • resilience,
  • negotiation adversity,
  • efficacy
Publication Date
Summer August 4, 2012
Citation Information
Brianna B Caza and Mara Olekalns. "Negotiator Resilience.docx" Academy of Management Meeting (2012)
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