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Unpublished Paper
Power Profiles: The Power-Action Link in Negotiation
  • Mara Olekalns, Melbourne Business School
  • Philip L Smith, University of Melbourne
Characterizing negotiations as a series of micro-exchanges directs attention to the conditional relationships between negotiators’ strategy choices in consecutive speaking turns. In this research, we used a simulated employment contract negotiation to test how dyadic power profiles influenced these strategy sequences. We identified three distinct power profiles based on the level and distribution of power within a negotiating dyad - symmetric high, symmetric low and asymmetric – and linked these power profiles to differences in how negotiators responded to each other. Our analysis showed that each power profile was linked with a unique pattern of activation and inhibition of strategy sequences.
  • power,
  • social exchange,
  • communication,
  • negotiation
Publication Date
Fall March 26, 2010
Citation Information
Mara Olekalns and Philip L Smith. "Power Profiles: The Power-Action Link in Negotiation" (2010)
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