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Quantitative coding negotiation processes
International Negotiation (2005)
  • Laurie Weingart
  • Mara Olekalns, Melbourne Business School
  • Philip Smith, University of Melbourne
The examination of negotiation processes is seen by many researchers as an insurmountable task largely because the required methods are unfamiliar and labor-intensive. In this article, we shed light on a fundamental step in studying negotiation processes, the quantitative coding of data. Relying on videotapes as the primary source of data, we review the steps required to extract usable quantitative data and the lessons we’ve learned in doing so in our own research. We review our experience working with one large negotiation dataset, Towers Market II, to illustrate two steps within the larger research process: developing a coding scheme and coding the data. We then go on to discuss some of the issues that need to be resolved before data analysis begins.
  • negotiation processes,
  • communication,
  • coding techniques
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Laurie Weingart, Mara Olekalns and Philip Smith. "Quantitative coding negotiation processes" International Negotiation Vol. 9 (2005)
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