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Markov chain analyses of communication processes in negotiation
Methods of Negotiation Research (2006)
  • Mara Olekalns, Melbourne Business School
  • Philip L Smith, University of Melbourne
  • Laurie Weingart
Markov chain analysis provides a way to investigate how the communication processes in dyadic negotiations are affected by features of the negotiating context and how, in turn, differences in communication processes among dyads affect the quality of the final settlement. In Markov models, the communication process is represented as a sequence of transitions between states, which describes how tactics are used and how they are reciprocated during the course of a negotiation. This article provides an introduction to Markov chain analysis and shows, using simulated data, how Markov chain models may be analyzed using widely-available loglinear modeling software. Model selection, assessment of the order of a chain, analysis of residuals, and sample size are discussed.
  • markov chains,
  • negotiation processes,
  • strategy sequences
Publication Date
Carnevale, P.J., & De Dreu, C.K.W
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Citation Information
Mara Olekalns, Philip L Smith and Laurie Weingart. "Markov chain analyses of communication processes in negotiation" NetherlandsMethods of Negotiation Research (2006)
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