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Communication and conflict
Conflict in Organizations (2007)
  • Mara Olekalns, Melbourne Business School
  • Linda Putnam, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Laurie Weingart
Communication is central to the experience and management of conflict. It is through communication that people express their desires, realize differences, and attempt to resolve those differences. While there is a rich tradition of research on conflict in organizational settings, the focus on the role communication is more recent. In 1987, Putnam and Poole wrote one of the first reviews of this literature, noting that “communication constitutes the essence of conflict in that it undergirds the formation of opposing issues, frames perceptions of the felt conflict, translates emotions and perceptions into conflict behaviors, and sets the stage for future conflicts” (p. 552). However, they also noted that studies of communication in conflict were relatively scarce at that time. Now, almost 20 years later, we readdress this literature. Our goal in this chapter is to review the advances made in the last 20 years in the arena of communication and conflict, assess progress made, and present options for future research.
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C. De Dreu & M. Gelfand
SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series
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Mara Olekalns, Linda Putnam and Laurie Weingart. "Communication and conflict" Conflict in Organizations (2007)
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