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Hacia un programa de investigación en sociología de la innovación
Arbor (2012)
  • Manuel Fernández-Esquinas

This article analyzes the main features of the sociological perspective on innovation. The main goal is to specify the concepts and analytical tools commonly used by sociologists that can be useful for the study of the innovation processes. The strategy of the paper starts by specifying the object of study, the influences from other specialties inside and outside the sociological field and the research topics related to innovation that attract the attention of sociologists. Then the main components for a research programme on the sociology of innovation are outlined. For that purpose the article departs from the distinction between culture and social structure. For both domains the multiple aspects of social life covered by these concepts are defined. The article specifies their importance for the analysis the innovative processes as well as the implications for the social studies of innovation.

  • innovation,
  • sociology,
  • research programme
Publication Date
Winter January, 2012
Citation Information
Manuel Fernández-Esquinas. "Hacia un programa de investigación en sociología de la innovación" Arbor Vol. 188 Iss. 753 (2012)
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