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The Role of Universities in Urban Regeneration: Reframing the Analytical Approach
European Planning Studies (2013)
  • Manuel Fernández-Esquinas
  • Hugo Pinto

Universities have resources for urban dynamics that are difficult to provide by other means. For this reason, these organizations are crucial actors in urban regeneration. This article sets out a conceptual framework for the analysis of the role played by higher education institutions in urban renewal initiatives. It is based on an integrated analysis of the uses of the university both as promoters of business innovation and in terms of their civic and social outcomes. Urban regeneration of cities in decline is used as a “strategic research site” to understand universities’ potential. The discussion is organized around four types of contributions: physical infrastructure, human resources, economic development and civic engagement. The debate enlightens the options for integrating universities’ capabilities as an asset for urban regeneration and sets out implications for the institutionalization of practices and decisionmaking in this field.

  • universities,
  • urban regeneratio,
  • local innovation systems
Publication Date
May 20, 2013
Citation Information
Manuel Fernández-Esquinas and Hugo Pinto. "The Role of Universities in Urban Regeneration: Reframing the Analytical Approach" European Planning Studies Iss. Published online (2013)
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