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Why Not Share a Dream: Zapatismo as Political and Cultural Practice
Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (2005)
  • Manuel Callahan, San Jose State University

Against this monster, people all over the world, and particularly ordinary working people in factories, mines, fields, and offices, are rebelling everyday in ways of their own invention. Sometimes their struggles are on a small personal scale. More effectively, they are actions of groups, formal or informal, but always unofficial, organized around their work and their place of work. Always the aim is to regain control over their own conditions of life and their relations with one another. Their strivings, their struggles, their methods have few chroniclers. They themselves are constantly attempting various forms of organization, uncertain of where the struggle is going to end. Nevertheless, they are imbued with one fundamental certainty, that they have to destroy the continuously mounting bureaucratic mass or be themselves destroyed by it.

  • Political,
  • Cultural,
  • Social relations,
  • Zapatismo
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Manuel Callahan. "Why Not Share a Dream: Zapatismo as Political and Cultural Practice" Humboldt Journal of Social Relations Vol. 29 Iss. 1 (2005)
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