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Progress in the seasonal variations of blood lipids: a mini-review.
Lipids in health and disease [electronic resource]
  • Xiaochun Ma
  • Haichen Yan
  • Haizhou Zhang
  • Mansen Wang, Medical Data Research Center, Providence Health and Services, Portland, OR, USA
  • Qunye Zhang
  • Xiaoming Zhou
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The seasonal variations of blood lipids have recently gained increasing interest in this field of lipid metabolism. Elucidating the seasonal patterns of blood lipids is particularly helpful for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, the previous results remain controversial and the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. This mini-review is focused on summarizing the literature relevant to the seasonal variability of blood lipid parameters, as well as on discussing its significance in clinical diagnoses and management decisions.

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Cardiovascular (Heart)
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Xiaochun Ma, Haichen Yan, Haizhou Zhang, Mansen Wang, et al.. "Progress in the seasonal variations of blood lipids: a mini-review." Lipids in health and disease [electronic resource] (2020)
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