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About Manju Hingorani

Manju received her B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from K.M.K. College, University of Bombay, India in 1990. She completed her Ph.D. in 1996 in Biochemistry at The Ohio State University. She did research on the bacteriophage T7 helicase mechanism, and was mentored by Dr. Smita S. Patel. She then moved to The Rockefeller University as a postdoctoral fellow to study E. coli clamp and clamp loader proteins that are essential for DNA replication, and was mentored by Dr. Mike O’Donnell. In 2000, she became an Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Wesleyan University, where she is currently an Associate Professor. Her research is focused on the workings of DNA replication and DNA mismatch repair proteins from S. cerevisiae and T. aquaticus model organisms.


Present Faculty Member, Wesleyan University


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