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Time to Get Out the Indian American Vote
India America Today (2012)
  • Manik Suri
Indian Americans are amongst President Obama’s most committed backers, but less than two-thirds of the 3-million strong community’s eligible voters showed up at the ballot box in 2008. This time around, no one can afford to stay on the sidelines. Each of us must head to the polls not only because we believe in a better future – the very reason our families came to this country – but because we are committed to shaping it ourselves. Doing so will strengthen the community’s political voice. But more importantly, it could help decide an election where the stakes are high, margins are razor-thin, and every vote counts.
Publication Date
October 27, 2012
Citation Information
Manik Suri. "Time to Get Out the Indian American Vote" India America Today (2012)
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