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Philosophical Perspectives on Engineering and Technology Literacy, I
Electrical and Computer Engineering Books
  • Gregory Bassett, Hope College
  • John Blake, Austin Peay State University
  • Adam Carberry, Arizona State University
  • Jerry Gravander, Clarkson University
  • William Grimson, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • John Krupczak, Jr., Hope College
  • Mani Mina, Iowa State University
  • Donna Riley, Smith College

The belief that engineering and technology are beneficial to all and can improve human lives has inspired the tireless endeavors of many creative individuals throughout history. Engineers and technologists have generally believed that their actions and designs need to be scientifically justified and logically dependable. In addition, due to the pragmatic nature of the field there is also an emphasis on systematic approaches and defining standard practices in engineering. Such a positivist approach is seen in all aspects of engineering and technological ventures. Consequently, such an approach exists in most engineering educators’ perspectives and belief structures regarding the contents of the curricular, student training, and the overall goal of engineering and technological education.

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Gregory Bassett, John Blake, Adam Carberry, Jerry Gravander, et al.. Philosophical Perspectives on Engineering and Technology Literacy, I. Dublin, Ireland(2014)
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