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Increasing Faculty-Librarian Collaboration through Critical Librarianship
Collaborative Librarianship
  • Adrienne Gosselin, Cleveland State University
  • Mandi Goodsett, Cleveland State University
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Through the lens of critical librarianship, librarians are becoming increasingly involved in social justice, civic engagement, and human rights issues. This paper examines the collaboration between a subject librarian and a faculty member in an assignment that engaged in Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP), a teaching strategy with the goal of increasing students’ sense of civic agency and personal and social responsibility by connecting their classwork to public arenas; and project-based learning, wherein students develop a question to research and create projects that reflect their knowledge, which they share with a select audience.

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Gosselin, Adrienne and Mandi Goodsett. "Increasing Faculty-Librarian Collaboration through Critical Librarianship." Collaborative Librarianship, vol. 11, no. 2, 100-9,