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Fostering Creativity and Collaboration via Cross-Functional Education
Proceedings of the Conference of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (2004)
  • Maria Malu H. Roldan, San Jose State University
  • M. E. Solt, San Jose State University
  • X. Su, San Jose State University

This paper describes our experiences as part of a San José State University (SJSU) initiative to encourage entrepreneurship, increase course relevance, and enhance our students’ teamwork skills. The project involved cross-functional teams of students charged with developing mobile computing applications for local clients and entrepreneurs. It brought together courses from Management Information Systems, Finance, and Computer Engineering. True to the university’s metropolitan mission, we have leveraged the resources available in the greater Silicon Valley area to enrich the project learning environment. Students worked on mobility projects for local businesses like Santana Row’s Hotel Valencia, San José’s Camera Theatres and SJSU’s own University Police Department. Through a grant from Hewlett Packard, students and professors in all three classes had the use of either a PocketPC or TabletPC over the course of the semester, to support their systems development and collaboration work. Microsoft provided training and support for the course’s primary developer platform, Visual Studio.Net 2003. Lastly, the Software Development Forum provided free memberships to all students in the three classes. Through these memberships, students have the opportunity to obtain exposure, feedback, and support on their work from entrepreneurs and funders.

Publication Date
March 18, 2004
Citation Information
Maria Malu H. Roldan, M. E. Solt and X. Su. "Fostering Creativity and Collaboration via Cross-Functional Education" Proceedings of the Conference of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (2004)
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