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Islam and Gender in the Thought of a critical-progressive Muslim scholar activist Ziba Mir Hosseini
Islam and Christian Muslim Understanding (2014)

The aim of this paper is to highlight the scholarly contribution of the Iranian born Muslim scholar-activist Ziba Mir- Hosseini to the academic field of gender and Islam. In the first part of the paper Mir-Hosseini’s thought is positioned within the larger processes of the shifting loci of authority and normativity in contemporary Islamic discourses and in particular in reference to the emergence of what I here termed critical –progressive Muslim scholar activists that Mir-Hosseini is a prominent member of . Next, I provide a brief justification as to why a study of Mir-Hosseini’s thought in relation to gender and Islam warrants examination. In the following section Mir-Hosseini’s personal journey into the field of gender and Islam is briefly outlined and her major contributions to the field are noted. This is followed by a discussion on how Mir-Hosseini finds support for her ideas in the various hermeneutical theories employed by leading contemporary reformist Muslim male scholars. The next section examines Mir-Hosseini’s views on the troubled relationship between the emerging Islamic feminism discourses and politically oriented (neo-)traditional expressions of Islam. Mir-Hosseini’s deconstruction of the assumptions governing classical Muslim family laws and ethics that have been re-appropriated and legally enforced by some contemporary Muslim majority nation states is presented next. This is followed by a discussion on Mir-Hosseini’s proposals how to reform Muslim family laws and ethics. The final section discusses Mir Hosseini’s s activism with special reference to her involvement with Musawah, the global movement for equality in Muslim family laws based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • islam; islam and gender; islam,
  • gender and politics,
  • critical Muslims,
  • progressive Muslims,
  • Islamic hermeneutics,
  • Islamic law
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"Islam and Gender in the Thought of a critical-progressive Muslim scholar activist Ziba Mir Hosseini" Islam and Christian Muslim Understanding (2014)
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