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ITSENKO-CUSHING: The syndrome and the disease
An up-to-date presentation of 162 studies of the leading experts in the field, this 106-page manual extends, analyzes, and replicates knowledge (1963-2013) about the Cushing's syndrome and Cushing's disease covering a vast range of clusters: the HPA and HPT axis, ultradian rhythms, autoimmune response, liver battery, coagulation cascade, clinical manifestations in respects to perinatal health, mental health, sexual health, infertility, side effects of medications, recurrence, and beyond. It illustrates and interprets surgical nuances of transsphenoidal and transnasal approaches, sphenoidal endoscopy, and bilateral retroperineal adrenalectomy. Complications are discussed.
  • Adrenal venous sampling,
  • 21-carbon corticosteroids,
  • FIX,
  • von Willebrand factor,
  • supraoptic nucleus,
  • transsphenoidal surgery,
  • retroperitoneal adrenalectomy
Publication Date
Winter January 12, 2013
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Citation Information
ITSENKO-CUSHING: The syndrome and the disease. Seattle, WA(2013)
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