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Matevosyan NR, Mikaelyan AE. Uterine fibroids and placental histology.
Actual Problems of Obstetrics-Gynaecology (1998)
Pathohistology of the placental bed in 32 puerperal women with uterine fibroids was performed. Findings suggested: abnormal dilation of the terminal vessels or "functional sphincter" in 14 (43.75%), petrification in 11 (34.4%) and abnormal lobation in 2(6.25%) cases. These findings were corroborated with the results of sonography performed in the cohort of 32 pregnant women with fibroids, indicative that in 9 (28.1%) cases placenta migrated off the myomatic nodules -- a phenomenon observed in the 29- 34th weeks of gestation and in all accounts related to the intramural and subserous types of fibroids. After adjusting for parity, nodules with > 5cm diameter, and isthmic location of fibroids, our findings remained with substantial association (r, 0.694) with the older age and null-parity of women.
Publication Date
Spring 1998
Citation Information
"Matevosyan NR, Mikaelyan AE. Uterine fibroids and placental histology." Actual Problems of Obstetrics-Gynaecology (1998)
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