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Teaching Intellectual Property as a Skills Course
American Justice Law Review (2007)
  • Malla Pollack, American Justice School of Law

Students can gain experience in practical skills in substantive courses if professors spend the time to create appropriate projects. This article demonstrates by providing reproducible projects involving non-competition agreements, trademarks/trade dress, copyright, and patent. The article also explains the how projects can be expanded and how they can be transposed between counseling and litigation settings.

This paper is part of a symposium entitled “Reflections on Legal Education: How We Teach, How They Learn".

  • intellectual property,
  • copyright,
  • trade mark,
  • patent,
  • non-competition agreements,
  • teaching materials
Publication Date
June, 2007
Citation Information
Malla Pollack. "Teaching Intellectual Property as a Skills Course" American Justice Law Review Vol. 1 (2008) (2007)
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