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Opt-In Government: Using the InterNet to Empower Choice – Privacy Application
Catholic Univ. L. Rev. (2001)
  • Malla Pollack, American Justice School of Law

This article proposes a relatively novel model of government regulation and illustrates how the model might work with respect to Internet privacy protection for U.S. residents. [I suggest "opt-in government" as a practical method to integrate the democratic concept of voice with the market model of choice. "Opt-in government" either (i) creates "a safe place" that persons may enter only if they wish to do so, or (ii) enables a choice that the so-called private sector has not offered.

  • privacy,
  • internet,
  • regulation
Publication Date
July, 2001
Publisher Statement
Author holds copyright. Permission is given for any use in return for a citation.
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Malla Pollack. "Opt-In Government: Using the InterNet to Empower Choice – Privacy Application" Catholic Univ. L. Rev. Vol. 50 (2001)
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