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Non-organ donors' attitudes toward incentives
Clinical Transplantation (2013)
  • Makmor Tumin
  • Abdillah Noh
  • C.S Chong
  • S.K Lim
  • Nawi Abdullah
  • K.P Ng
Malaysians indicating that they did not intend to become organ donors upon their death were surveyed regarding interest in non-fungible financial incentives to be granted to surviving family members. Among the 730 (56% of the total sample of 1311) indicating unwillingness to be donors, 29.6% (216/730) subsequently indicated that they would be willing donors if the government introduced policies that, upon their death, “rewarded your (their) family with incentives for your (their) deeds.” Among the 69% (504/730) who insisted that they would not become organ donor even with incentive, nearly 80% (404/501) of them were able to identify relevant incentives they thought should be provided by the state to those who make organ donations upon death. The majority of both groups preferred the state provide medical benefits to a surviving family member, suggesting this may be an attractive policy option for the state to raise the deceased organ donation pool.
  • deceased organ donation incentives,
  • Malaysia,
  • medical benefits,
  • organ donors
Publication Date
April 22, 2013
Citation Information
Makmor Tumin, Abdillah Noh, C.S Chong, S.K Lim, et al.. "Non-organ donors' attitudes toward incentives" Clinical Transplantation Vol. 27 Iss. 3 (2013)
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