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Kalamazoo Latvian Association News - Dec 2011
Kalamazū Latviešu Biedrības Ziņas (2011)
  • Maira Bundza, Western Michigan University

The Kalamazoo Latvian community newsletter comes out in Latvian and English. This issue has an article on the future of the Latvian Center, the events that have happened during the fall, reviews of two books by local authors, a memorial for long time teacher Mirdza Paudrupe, and pictures of the youth attending the Latvian Center Garezers in Three Rivers, MI.

  • Latvian Kalamazoo
Publication Date
December, 2011
Citation Information
Maira Bundza. "Kalamazoo Latvian Association News - Dec 2011" Kalamazū Latviešu Biedrības Ziņas Vol. 2011 Iss. 3 (2011)
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