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Unpublished Paper
Features of Forestry in Bangladesh and Available Legal Protections and Implications
ExpressO (2014)
  • Mahmudul Hasan, University of Dhaka

Due to climate change as well as rise of global temperature Bangladesh is going to face a massive environmental challenge. Being an environmentally vulnerable country Bangladesh needs to step immediately to take all sort of measures to prevent the growing environmental threats. Forestry plays a pivotal role to protect environment as well as biodiversity of a particular region. Being agriculture based country and a coastal region Bangladesh already has been facing the adverse effect of decrease of forest lands. For some decades desertification has been taking place in many arena of the country. And due to the large amount of deforestation many species already have been become extinct from here. Poor Legal Protections as well as Implications are mainly causing the problem to rise. This paper will focus the Forestry of Bangladesh along with its different aspects. Firstly, the total scenario of Forestry in Bangladesh is been highlighted here, and secondly the key legal instruments are also been discussed in detail. The loopholes are been spotted and a good number of possible solutions are also been introduced here. This paper will reflect the actual status and the level of protection available for the forest resources of Bangladesh.

  • Forestry,
  • Environment,
  • Environmental Law
Publication Date
October 11, 2014
Citation Information
Mahmudul Hasan. "Features of Forestry in Bangladesh and Available Legal Protections and Implications" ExpressO (2014)
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