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DNA Forensic Applications in Shark Management and Conservation
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  • Mahmood S. Shivji, Nova Southeastern University
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Sharks and Their Relatives II: Biodiversity, Adaptive Physiology, and Conservation
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Book Chapter
Jeffrey C. Carrier, John A. Musick, and Michale R. Heithaus
"Sharks and Their Relatives II: Biodiversity, Adaptive Physiology, and Conservation brings you up to speed on these significant changes, specifically examining how elasmobranch fishes - the sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras - successfully survive in a wide range of habitats." "With contributions from an international group of investigators, this multidisciplinary volume begins by examining elasmobranch biodiversity patterns and their integrated sensory systems. It then explores the physiological adaptations - from unique sensory modalities to compensatory mechanisms for physiological and environmental stress - that make these animals particularly well suited for the range of habitats where they are found, in both oceanic and freshwater realms." "The book then considers the human interactions and anthropogenic effects on worldwide elasmobranch populations and the potential extinction risks posed by increasing threats from changes in habitat, changes in water chemistry, and growing commercial exploitation. This text is unrivaled in terms of coverage and readability, and it is a must-have reference for marine biologists, fishery scientists, oceanographers, and also marine, zoo, and aquarium veterinarians. -- BOOK JACKET
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CRC Press / Taylor & Francis
  • Chondrichthyes,
  • Conservation,
  • Physiology,
  • Sharks,
  • Animal Diversity
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Mahmood S. Shivji. "DNA Forensic Applications in Shark Management and Conservation" Boca Raton, FL(2010)
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