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Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents as Natural Egg-Case Incubators at the Galapagos Rift
Scientific Reports
  • Pelayo Salinas-de-Leon, Charles Darwin Research Station - Ecuador; National Geographic Society
  • Brennan Phillips, Harvard University; University of Rhode Island
  • David A. Ebert, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories; South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity; California Academy of Sciences
  • Mahmood S Shivji, Nova Southeastern University
  • Florencia Cerutti-Pereyra, Charles Darwin Research Station - Ecuador
  • Cassandra Ruck, Nova Southeastern University
  • Charles R. Fisher, Pennsylvania State University
  • Leigh Marsh, University of Southampton - United Kingdom; National Oceanography Centre - Southampton, United Kingdom
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  • Behavioural ecology; Biooceanography

The discovery of deep-sea hydrothermal vents in 1977 challenged our views of ecosystem functioning and yet, the research conducted at these extreme and logistically challenging environments still continues to reveal unique biological processes. Here, we report for the first time, a unique behavior where the deep-sea skate, Bathyraja spinosissima, appears to be actively using the elevated temperature of a hydrothermal vent environment to naturally “incubate” developing egg-cases. We hypothesize that this behavior is directly targeted to accelerate embryo development time given that deep-sea skates have some of the longest egg incubation times reported for the animal kingdom. Similar egg incubating behavior, where eggs are incubated in volcanically heated nesting grounds, have been recorded in Cretaceous sauropod dinosaurs and the rare avian megapode. To our knowledge, this is the first time incubating behavior using a volcanic source is recorded for the marine environment.


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NOAA Office of Exploration and Research grant #: NA15OAR0110220
G-4080-2013, A-9653-2015
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Pelayo Salinas-de-Leon, Brennan Phillips, David A. Ebert, Mahmood S Shivji, et al.. "Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents as Natural Egg-Case Incubators at the Galapagos Rift" Scientific Reports Vol. 8 Iss. 1788 (2018) p. 1 - 7 ISSN: 2045-2322
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