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Raman Spectroscopy, Fullerenes, and Nanotechnology
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  • Maher S. Amer, Wright State University - Main Campus
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Two fundamental discoveries have recently started a new era of scientific research: the discovery of fullerenes and the development of single-molecule imaging capabilities. The discovery of fullerenes with their unique properties, highly versatile nature, and many potential applications in materials science, chemistry, physics, opto-electronics, biology, and medicine has launched a new branch of interdisciplinary research known as "nanotechnology." This technology revolutionized the multibillion-dollar field of opto-electronics and is a key to wireless communications, remote sensing, and medical diagnostics, and still has a lot to offer. The development of single-molecule imaging and investigating capabilities provided the means for studying the reactions of complex material systems, and biological molecules in natural systems. The real importance of these discoveries is that they, synergized together, put forward the platform for what can be called "the next industrial revolution" in human history: "nanotechnology."
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  • Fullerenes,
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Maher S. Amer. Raman Spectroscopy, Fullerenes, and Nanotechnology. Cambridge(2010)
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