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On the Evaporation Kinetics of C60/Toluene Solutions
Philosophical Magazine Letters
  • Maher S. Amer, Wright State University - Main Campus
  • Mahmoud T. Abdu
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The increasing interest in fullerene nanoparticles makes the question regarding their effect on liquid evaporation behavior unavoidable. In this study, we used a gravimetric technique to investigate the effect of C60 fullerene nanospheres on the evaporation kinetics of toluene over their entire range of solubility. Saturated solutions showed the highest evaporation rate. The increase in the evaporation rate as a function of concentration is not monotonic, but rather exhibits a maximum and a minimum. The results strongly support the notion of molecular structuring within the liquid toluene depending on fullerene mole fractions.
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Maher S. Amer and Mahmoud T. Abdu. "On the Evaporation Kinetics of C60/Toluene Solutions" Philosophical Magazine Letters Vol. 89 Iss. 10 (2009) p. 615 - 621 ISSN: 09500839
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