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Effect of Biofield Treatment on Spectral Properties of Paracetamol and Piroxicam
Chemical Sciences Journal (2015)
  • Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Trivedi Global Inc.
  • Shrikant Patil, Trivedi Global Inc.
  • Harish Shettigar, Trivedi Global Inc.
  • Khemraj Bairwa, Trivedi Science Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
  • Snehasis Jana, Trivedi Science Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
Paracetamol and piroxicam are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), widely used in pain and inflammatory diseases. The present study aimed to evaluate the impact of biofield treatment on spectral properties of paracetamol and piroxicam. The study was performed in two groups (control and treatment) of each drug. The control groups remained as untreated, and biofield treatment was given to treatment groups. Subsequently, spectral properties of both drugs before and after biofield treatment were characterized using FT-IR and UV-Vis spectroscopic techniques. FT-IR data of paracetamol showed N-H amide II bending peak in biofield treated paracetamol, which was shifted to lower wavenumber (1565 to 1555 cm-1)as compared to control. Further, the intensity of vibrational peaks in the range of 1171-965 cm-1 (C-O and C-N stretching) were increased in treated sample of paracetamol as compared to control. Similarly, the FT-IR data of piroxicam (treated) showed increased intensity of vibrational peaks at 1628 (amide C=O stretching), 1576-1560 cm-1(C=C stretching) with respect to control peaks. Furthermore, vibrational peak of C=N stretching (1467 cm-1) was observed in biofield treated piroxicam. This peak was not observed in control sample, possibly due to its low intensity. Based on FT-IR data, it is speculated that bond length and dipole moment of some bonds like N-H (amide), C-O, and C-N in paracetamol and C=O (amide), C=N, and C=C in piroxicam might be changed due to biofield treatment. The UV spectrum of biofield treated paracetamol showed the shifting in wavelength of UV absorption as 243→248.2 nm and 200→203.4 nm as compared to control. Likely, the lambda max (λmax) of treated piroxicam was also shifted as 328 →345.6 nm, 241→252.2 nm, and 205.2→203.2 nm as compared to control.Overall results showed an impact of biofield treatment on the spectral properties of paracetamol and piroxicam.

  • Paracetamol,
  • Piroxicam,
  • Biofield treatment,
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy,
  • Ultraviolet spectroscopy
Publication Date
July 13, 2015
Citation Information
Trivedi MK, Patil S, Shettigar H, Bairwa K, Jana S (2015) Effect of Biofield Treatment on Spectral Properties of Paracetamol and Piroxicam. Chem Sci J 6: 98. doi:10.4172/2150-3494.100098
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