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Experimental Analysis on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics using Biodiesel obtained from Non-edible Oil
International Review of Mechanical Engineering (2012)
  • A.M. Liaquat
  • H.H. Masjuki
  • M.A. Kalam
  • Mahendra Varman Munusamy, M.Varman, University of Malaya
  • M.A. Hazrat

There are concerns that biodiesel feedstock may compete with food supply in the long term, if the raw materials are vegetable virgin oils only. Therefore, throughout the world, large amounts of non-edible oil plants are available in nature. In this paper, experimental study has been carried out to analyze engine performance and emission characteristics for direct injection diesel engine using biodiesel obtained from non-edible oil such as jatropha oil and was blended with diesel fuel (DF) by 5% (JB5), 10% (JB10), 15% (JB15) and 20% (JB20) volumetrically without any engine modifications. Due to the presence of molecular oxygen, biodiesel undergoes improved combustion in the engine and has less polluting emissions in comparison with normal diesel fuels. Engine performance test was performed at 100% load keeping throttle 100% wide open with variable speeds of 1500 to 2400 rpm at an interval of 100 rpm. Whereas, emission tests were carried out at 2300 rpm at 100% and 80% throttle position. As results of investigations, there has been a decrease in torque and brake power, while increase in specific fuel consumption (sfc) has been observed for all biodiesel blend fuels over the entire speed range compared to DF. In case of engine exhaust gas emissions, reduction in HC, CO and CO2 were found for all blends. Besides, sound level for blend fuels was also reduced compared to DF. It can be concluded that jatropha biodiesel blend fuels can be used in diesel engines without any engine modifications and have beneficial effects both in terms of emission reductions and alternative petroleum diesel fuel.

  • Engine Performance,
  • Emission,
  • Jatropha Biodiesel,
  • Non-edible Oil
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A.M. Liaquat, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, Mahendra Varman Munusamy, et al.. "Experimental Analysis on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics using Biodiesel obtained from Non-edible Oil" International Review of Mechanical Engineering Vol. 6 Iss. 3 (Part B) (2012)
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