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Building Social Capital in the Digital Age of Civic Engagement
Journal of Planning Literature (2010)
  • Dr. Lynn A. Mandarano, Temple University
  • Dr. Mahbubur R. Meenar, Rowan University
  • Christopher Steins
The use of digital technologies to enhance traditional public participation processes and to build a new form of a social capital— digital social capital—is being embraced in a range of planning practices. This article presents a discussion of how the digital age is influencing public participation and its implications for building social capital. The article highlights critical concerns to consider when embracing Internet tools for civic engagement and when evaluating such practices. The authors conclude with a call for scholarly research to assess the constraints and opportunities presented by this emergent trend and comparative studies to traditional modes of public participation.
Publication Date
November, 2010
Citation Information
Lynn A. Mandarano, Mahbubur R. Meenar and Christopher Steins. "Building Social Capital in the Digital Age of Civic Engagement" Journal of Planning Literature Vol. 25 Iss. 2 (2010) p. 123 - 135
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