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Poverty in a rich society : the case of Hong Kong
Staff Publications
  • Ka Wai, Maggie LAU, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • David GORDON, University of Bristol
Document Type
Edited book
Publication Date
The Chinese University Press

Hong Kong has remained a wealthy financial hub despite its export-oriented economy being adversely affected by the challenging global economic uncertainties and vulnerabilities that have occurred since the late 1990s. Yet, Hong Kong’s income inequality is greater than that in any other developed economy. The growing unequal income distribution and poverty in Hong Kong have aroused public concern. This book is a timely and important opportunity to advance the theory and practice of poverty and social exclusion measurement and to conduct policy relevant analyses in Hong Kong. It brings together some of Hong Kong’s and the UK’s leading experts to examine these phenomena and their policy responses. This book has three main elements: (i) public understanding of poverty and the extent of poverty and social exclusion in Hong Kong society; (ii) analysis of poverty and health as well as child poverty and equality of opportunity in Hong Kong; and (iii) examination of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation measures in Hong Kong. It is hoped that this collection will inspire comparative research and policy analyses which help to improve policy initiatives.

Citation Information
Lau, M. K. W, & Gordon, D. (Eds.) (2017). Poverty in a rich society: The case of Hong Kong. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.