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The Impact of Incorporating of Pharmacogenomics into the Pharmacy Curriculum on Student Interest
Pharmacy Education
  • Natalya Vaksman, Touro University of California
  • Mitchell Barnett, Touro University of California
  • Leann Hakobyan, Touro University of California
  • Ilya Kutcher, Touro University of California
  • Maggie Louie, Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Dominican University of California
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Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Background: Pharmacogenomics content in the pharmacy curriculum has increased since AACP adopted NCHPEG guidelines in 2001. Aims: To evaluate how program level curricular changes impact pharmacy student opinions regarding pharmacogenomics, and gauge student interest in pursuing a career in pharmacogenomics. Methods: First and third year students from eight pharmacy schools in California completed a survey indicating their attitudes towards pharmacogenomics. Results: The survey concluded that the presence of a stand-alone pharmacogenomics course did not impact student perceived preparedness for a career in pharmacogenomics. Furthermore, the presence of a course did not influence student interest in pursuing a residency, fellowship, or career in pharmacogenomics. While the presence of a faculty specialising in pharmacogenomics increased student awareness, it did not increase student interest in pursuing a pharmacogenomics career. Conclusion: The integration of pharmacogenomics into the pharmacy curriculum resulted in positive perceptions regarding student preparedness for a pharmacy career in pharmacogenomics, but did not cultivate student interest.

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Natalya Vaksman, Mitchell Barnett, Leann Hakobyan, Ilya Kutcher, et al.. "The Impact of Incorporating of Pharmacogenomics into the Pharmacy Curriculum on Student Interest" Pharmacy Education Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (2012) p. 31 - 36 ISSN: 1560-2214
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