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Secure anonymous mutual authentication for star two-tier wireless body area networks
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine (2016)
  • Maged H Ibrahim, Helwan University
  • Saru Kumari
  • Ashok K Das
  • Mohammad Wazid
  • Vanga Odelu
Mutual authentication is a very important service that must be established between sensor nodes in wireless body area network (WBAN) to ensure the originality and integrity of the patient's data sent by sensors distributed on different parts of the body. However, mutual authentication service is not enough. An adversary can benefit from monitoring the traffic and knowing which sensor is in transmission of patient's data. Observing the traffic (even without disclosing the context) and knowing its origin, it can reveal to the adversary information about the patient's medical conditions. Therefore, anonymity of the communicating sensors is an important service as well. Few works have been conducted in the area of mutual authentication among sensor nodes in WBAN. However, none of them has considered anonymity among body sensor nodes. Up to our knowledge, our protocol is the first attempt to consider this service in a two-tier WBAN. We propose a new secure protocol to realize anonymous mutual authentication and confidential transmission for star two-tier WBAN topology.
  • Wireless body area networks,
  • Authentication,
  • Anonymity,
  • Key agreement,
  • Security,
  • NS2 simulation
Publication Date
Summer July, 2016
Citation Information
Maged H Ibrahim, Saru Kumari, Ashok K Das, Mohammad Wazid, et al.. "Secure anonymous mutual authentication for star two-tier wireless body area networks" Computer methods and programs in biomedicine (2016)
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