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About Prof. FIRTH Michael Arthur

Prof. Michael Firth started his career as an accountant with Poulson & Co, a firm of chartered accountants. Subsequently he worked as an auditor for Whinney Murray (Ernst and Young) and as an investment analyst at Phillips and Drew (UBS Phillips and Drew). He was professionally qualified in accounting and finance and earned his PhD at Bradford University. Prof. Firth's first academic post was at the University of Stirling. Subsequent professional appointments were at Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Colorado, Lingnan University, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He rejoined Lingnan University as Chair Professor of Finance in 2007 and was the Head of the Department of Finance and Insurance from 2008 to 2015. He held visiting positions at the University of British Columbia, the University of California at Los Angeles, the China-Europe Management Institute (Beijing), the China-Europe International Business School (Shanghai), Norges Handelshoyskole, Helsinki School of Economics, and Nanyang Technological University. Prof. Firth was a director of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute, and served on the Continuing Education Committee of the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts. He served on committees of the HKICPA and was a council member of the HKAAA. Prof. Firth's research interests covered issues in accounting, auditing, economics, and finance. He published more than 200 articles, books, and monographs.

His contributions to the University will continue to be appreciated by his colleagues and students alike.  His death is mourned by all who knew him and he will be remembered with great affection and respect by all of us.


2016 Former Hong Kong Economic Journal Chair Professor, Department of Finance and Insurance, Lingnan University Department of Finance and Insurance

Journal Articles (68)