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Hair-Oriented Data Model for Spatio-Temporal Data Mining
International Review on Computers and Software (2015)
  • Abbas Madraky
  • Zulaiha Ali Othman
  • Razak Hamdan

Spatio-temporal data are complex in terms of number of attributes for spatial and temporal values, and the data are changing towards time. Traditional method to mining the spatio-temporal data is the fact that the data is stored in data warehouse in un-normalization form as union of spatial and temporal data know as tabular data warehouse. A Hair-Oriented Data Model (HODM) has been proved as a suitable data model for spatio-temporal data. It has reduced the file size and decreased query execution time. The spatio-temporal data stored using the HODM known as Hair-Oriented Data warehouse. However, this paper aims to presents a method to develop spatio-temporal data mining model using the Hair-Oriented data warehouse. The Hair-Oriented data model also provide with various functions for easy maintenance on spatio-temporal data warehouse. Experiment conducted using Climate-change spatio-temporal data set benchmark. Two Climate-change spatio-temporal models been developed using regression and k-nearest neighbor techniques. The performance of the Hair-Oriented Data Warehouse is evaluated by comparing its performance with traditional tabular data warehouse. The result shows that developing data mining spatio-temporal model using Hair-Oriented data warehouse is faster compare using the tabular data warehouse, therefore it can be concluded that the Hair-Oriented Data Model is suitable for Spatio-temporal data mining.

  • Data Warehouse Models; Spatio-Temporal Data Mining; Hair-Oriented Data Model
Publication Date
Winter January 1, 2015
Citation Information
Abbas Madraky, Zulaiha Ali Othman and Razak Hamdan. "Hair-Oriented Data Model for Spatio-Temporal Data Mining" International Review on Computers and Software Vol. 10 Iss. 1 (2015)
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