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Hair Data Model: A New Data Model for Spatio-Temporal Data Mining
IEEE Explore (2012)
  • Abbas Madraky
  • Zulaiha Ali Othman
  • Abdul Razak Hamdan

Spatio-Temporal data is related to many of the issues around us such as satellite images, weather maps, transportation systems and so on. Furthermore, this information is commonly not static and can change over the time. Therefore the nature of this kind of data are huge, analysing data is a complex task. This research aims to propose an intermediate data model that can represented suitable for Spatio-Temporal data and performing data mining task easily while facing problem in frequently changing the data. In order to propose suitable data model, this research also investigate the analytical parameters, the structure and its specifications for Spatio-Temporal data. The concept of proposed data model is inspired from the nature of hair which has specific properties and its growth over the time. In order to have better looking and quality, the data is needed to maintain over the time such as combing, cutting, colouring, covering, cleaning etc. The proposed data model is represented by using mathematical model and later developed the data model tools. The data model is developed based on the existing relational and object-oriented models. This paper deals with the problems of available Spatio-Temporal data models for utilizing data mining technology and defines a new model based on analytical attributes and functions.

  • Spatio-Temporal data models; data warehouse model
Publication Date
Summer September 4, 2012
Citation Information
Abbas Madraky, Zulaiha Ali Othman and Abdul Razak Hamdan. "Hair Data Model: A New Data Model for Spatio-Temporal Data Mining" IEEE Explore (2012)
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