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Organisation and Properties of Repeated DNA Sequences in Rice Genome
Plant Science (1988)
  • Madhu S Dhar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Madhavi M. Dabak, National Chemical Laboratory
  • Vidya S. Gupta, National Chemical Laboratory
  • P. K. Ranjekar, National Chemical Laboratory
Reassociation of high molecular weight rice DNA has revealed the occurrence of long stretches of repeated DNA which are not interrupted by single copy DNA even at a fragment length as high as 20 kilo base pairs (kbp). Majority of these repeated sequences are unusually G + C rich and show significant variations in their thermal stability. Homology studies indicate that short repeats may have evolved from long repeats in total repetitive DNA while they may be of different origin in highly repetitive DNA fraction. Restriction enzyme analysis shows the occurrence of Ava I and EcoR V repeat families.
  • rice; repetitive DNA; long repeats; short repeats; homology
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Madhu S Dhar, Madhavi M. Dabak, Vidya S. Gupta and P. K. Ranjekar. "Organisation and Properties of Repeated DNA Sequences in Rice Genome" Plant Science Vol. 55 Iss. 1 (1988)
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