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Predominance and Tissue Specificity of Adenine Methylation in Rice
Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1990)
  • Madhu S Dhar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • V. V. Pethe, National Chemical Laboratory
  • V. S. Gupta, National Chemical Laboratory
  • P. K. Ranjekar
Using A and C methylation-specific restriction enzymes, namely, MboI, Sau3AI, DpnI, MspI, and HpaII, total rice cv Basmati 370 DNA, repetitive DNAs, and a specific repeat sequence indicated an abundance of adenine methylation. Although cytosine methylation in 5-CCGG-3 sequences suggested more CpC methylation than CpG, the C methylation in sequence 5-GATC-3 was comparatively less than A methylation. Furthermore, the presence of adenine methylation was tissue specific; it was predominant in rice shoot DNA as compared to embryo DNA. This pattern was also observed in two other cultivars of rice, i.e., R-24 and Sona, and was again confirmed using a cloned probe of a specific repeat sequence. Besides the changes in adenine methylation, there was also a qualitative change in 5mC from CpG to CpC dinucleotides in these two tissue systems.
  • Rice,
  • Adenine methylation,
  • Tissue specificity,
  • Genomic rearrangement
Publication Date
September, 1990
Citation Information
Madhu S Dhar, V. V. Pethe, V. S. Gupta and P. K. Ranjekar. "Predominance and Tissue Specificity of Adenine Methylation in Rice" Theoretical and Applied Genetics Vol. 80 Iss. 3 (1990)
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