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Localization of a New Ferritin Heavy Chain Sequence Present in Human Brain mRNA to Chromosome 11
Genome (1995)
  • Maire E. Percy
  • Sharon J. Bauer
  • Susan Rainey
  • Donald R. C. McLachlan
  • Madhu S Dhar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Jayant G. Joshi
Two types of ferritin heavy (H) chain clones have been isolated from cDNA libraries of human fetal and adult brain: one corresponds to the ferritin H chain mRNA that is abundant in liver and is called "liver-like" brain cDNA; the other contains an additional 279 nucleotide (nt) sequence in the 3′untranslated region and is called brain ferritin H chain cDNA. To map the 279-nt sequence, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification was carried out using DNA from rodent × human hybrid cell lines containing single human chromosomes as templates, and oligomeric primers homologous to the 3′end of the 279-nt sequence (primer A) and to a coding sequence just 5′ to the 279-nt sequence. Significant PCR product of the size expected from analysis of the brain ferritin H chain cDNA clones and a genomic ferritin H chain clone (487 bp) was generated only from hybrid-cell DNA containing human chromosome 11. This PCR product and the "liver-like" brain cDNA (lacking the 279-nt sequence) both hybridized to chromosome 11 fragments that are known to define the well-characterized functional liver ferritin H chain gene and a putative pseudogene. Preliminary data indicate that primer A (and thus the 279-nt sequence) maps to the functional ferritin H chain gene fragments, but binding to the pseudogene has not been ruled out.
  • gene mapping,
  • human brain ferritin,
  • chromosome 11
Publication Date
June, 1995
Citation Information
Maire E. Percy, Sharon J. Bauer, Susan Rainey, Donald R. C. McLachlan, et al.. "Localization of a New Ferritin Heavy Chain Sequence Present in Human Brain mRNA to Chromosome 11" Genome Vol. 38 Iss. 3 (1995)
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