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Accounting Standards for Intangibles Reporting
The Accounting World (2007)
  • Pankaj Madhani, ICFAI Business School

The value attached to intangible assets has increased manifold in the current era of knowledge economy. Intangible assets are a major tool for firms to build competitive advantages. As firms now become more knowledge and information-based, intangible assets will comprise a significant percentage of the overall value of businesses. It’s the intangible assets that create value and decide a firm’s future growth potential. Although all intangible assets are very valuable and critical to a firm, according to current accounting practices all of them can’t be recognized as assets in the balance sheet of a firm. This article discusses many issues of IAS 38 for intangible assets.

  • Intangible Assets,
  • Accounting Standard
Publication Date
October 1, 2007
Citation Information
Madhani, Pankaj. "Accounting Standards for Intangibles Reporting" The Accounting World, October 2007, pp 21-28.