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Wealth Management: Emerging Opportunities
MBA Review (2007)
  • Pankaj M Madhani

Wealth Management is fast gaining popularity in India as more and more Indians are joining the millionaires’ club. Rising salary levels and the booming economy are further expected to churn out more millionaires. However, managing the moolah on his/her own is not possible for every millionaire. It is here that the services of a wealth manager can come handy. Wealth management with a market size of $20 bn has been increasingly recognized by Indian financial services sector as a lucrative business. With the emergence of wealth management as fast-growing anddynamic career opportunity, leading educational institutes of India have started offering courses on the subject.

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Publication Date
July 1, 2007
Citation Information
Pankaj M Madhani. "Wealth Management: Emerging Opportunities" MBA Review (2007)
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