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Marketing Firms vs SCM-led Firms: DCM Comparatistics
SCMS Journal of Indian Management (2013)
  • Pankaj M Madhani, ICFAI Business School

The paper discusses the issues of the marketing led firms and the supply chain management (SCM) led firms. This paper aims to investigate between the renewed emphasis and interests in integration of marketing and SCM in the form of demand chain management (DCM). The prior literature on marketing and SCM integration is reviewed and an evaluation framework is presented which shows the benefits of DCM and provides a basis for further empirical validation. In many firms, the SCM still seems to be disconnected from the demand side as it has only a faint idea of the drivers behind customer demand. Firms that have integrated their marketing and SCM and developed DCM capabilities are more successful in bringing often-conflicting objectives more closely together.

  • Demand chain,
  • Demand chain management,
  • Marketing,
  • Supply chain,
  • Supply chain management,
  • Customer value proposition
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Pankaj M Madhani. "Marketing Firms vs SCM-led Firms: DCM Comparatistics" SCMS Journal of Indian Management Vol. 10 Iss. 2 (2013)
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