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Female Involvement in School Rampage Plots
Violence and Gender
  • Eric Madfis, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Jeff W. Cohen, University of Washington Tacoma
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Utilizing data from news media accounts, this study investigates 11 incidents of averted school rampage threats that involved female perpetrators as conspirators or co-conspirators in plots to attack their schools. While the vast majority of both attempted and completed school rampage attacks have been committed by boys and men, there are in fact cases that have involved females. In this study, we provide descriptive information about the largely unstudied phenomenon of school rampage threats involving females and analyze how the multifaceted role of gender impacts these events in terms of their level of threat, group dynamics, and relative lack of news coverage.

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Eric Madfis and Jeff W. Cohen. "Female Involvement in School Rampage Plots" Violence and Gender (2018)
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