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Learning to Use Reflective Practices with the Design-A-School Project
Educator's Voice (2021)
  • Madeline Craig, Ed.D., Molloy College
  • Patricia N. Eckardt, Molloy College
  • Katelynn DeLuca, SUNY Farmingdale Sate College
  • Cynthia Eaton, Suffolk County Community College
Many teacher candidates enter teacher preparatory programs with an innocent perspective about our discipline. Optimistic and focused on having a positive impact on young minds, they often haven't considered the struggles teachers face as they make daily decisions about curriculum, classroom management, communication with families and administrative responsibilites. As faculty responsible for teaching them and bridging the gaps between theory and practice, two professors chose project-based learning as our teaching strategy in our Foundations of Education course.
  • education,
  • curriculum,
  • classroom management,
  • reflective practices
Publication Date
December, 2021
Citation Information
Madeline Craig, Patricia N. Eckardt, Katelynn DeLuca and Cynthia Eaton. "Learning to Use Reflective Practices with the Design-A-School Project" Educator's Voice Vol. XIV (2021) p. 68 - 86
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