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Green Brewing: Part Two
Business Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Madeleine E. Pullman, Portland State University
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  • Brewing industry -- Oregon -- Portland,
  • Beer industry -- Environmental aspects,
  • Sustainability -- Economic aspects,
  • Sustainable development

In part one of our Green Brewing series, we started our journey down the rabbit-hole of beer production and the environment with a discussion about energy use and gas recovery. We took a glimpse into specific breweries in the region and studied how they address their energy demand and how they control their carbon dioxide and nitrogen release, depending on size, location, and other factors. Continuing in part two, we follow the theme of sustainability by examining the “greenness” of commonly used brewing ingredients, containers, and ancillary packaging in the beer supply chain. We look at how brewing companies at the forefront of sustainability initiatives are pushing the envelope to reduce the damaging effects of commodity-based agricultural practices and waste of natural resources.

Photographs by Annalou Vincent. Copyright 2010 Beer Northwest Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Available at
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Pullman, M. (2010) "Green Brewing: Part Two." Beer Northwest Magazine, Winter, p. 56-60.