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The Latest Version of GB WhatsApp Apk
Education (2020)
  • M Lukito, Golden Gate University School of Law
You need to know, that actually GBWhatsApp Apk starts from the official WhatsApp. It's just, GB WhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the official one. There are various features and differences that are often found between the mod version and the official version. You will find out the types of GB WhatsApp complete with the download link below.

GB WhatsApp Official V9.1

The source of various GB WhatsApp mod applications is the official version. Then the developers launched another mod version. There are 4 types of versions besides the official ones, namely the mini version, pro, transparency, and iOS. To download the official version, you click the link provided below. Download it first and then install it.

GB WhatsApp Mini 9.90

GBWhatsApp Mini is a mini version or lite version of the modification of the WhatsApp instant messaging application. Then this well-known GBWhatsApp launches a smaller version than before, the mini version. there are some differences from the previous version, these differences will be discussed below.

Things offered on the Latest GB WhatsApp Mini
DND mode

In this mode, you can be given services not to receive various notifications from incoming messages. You will be made comfortable because you can do things with focus, without an interruption to the appearance of a notification pop up. In a simpler explanation, this mode works by disconnecting the internet network in the application.

Anti Revoke

This feature offers you to still be able to read incoming messages that the sender previously undoed. Surely this will be very fun. You will still be able to read the message, even if it has been withdrawn beforehand and the sender will certainly not know that you can read the message that has been undone.

Can Do Blue Check Hide

Many people are really looking for features in the mod version that are in this mini version. When the blue check is a sign that the message has been sent by the recipient, and that you can hide. You can still read the message without feeling reluctant not to rush to reply.

Automatic Updates

The developers will continue to develop applications to be better than before. Because the mini version doesn't exist in the official store and isn't downloaded there, you might think that it can't be updated because of that. Take it easy, you don't need to worry about it, you will still get automatic updates.

Large Sending File

Even though this application is the mini version, you will still be able to send files larger in size than the official version. You can still send large files up to 1 GB. Of course, this will not be done on the official version.

Hide Check blue in Groups and Status Online

Another advantage offered by the mini mod is hiding the blue check in the group and online status. Then you don't need to be afraid of friends or relatives in the group because you don't answer messages sent in the group. Members in the group will not know that you have read the message, so there is no need to worry.

Lock with Password in Chat

The last advantage of the mini version is that it can lock messages using a password that you created. You can choose to use a password by using a password, fingerprint, or pattern. You will feel safer and stay awake when leaving or leaving your cellphone with someone else.

Some important features of the mini mod version are not removed. Another point of this is that even if you use the mini version, you won't feel that you are missing out on important features even if you use a smaller version. This application is very suitable for those of you who have limited storage space. Download the mini version by clicking the link below.

GBWhatsApp Transparent v10.20

Features that are in the transparent version mod is quite a lot compared to the official version. This is indeed one of the characteristics of the mod version. In short, users can still enjoy and use a variety of premium versions that cannot be found in other applications.

  • Education
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Fall May 23, 2020
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