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Website Review Seva.Id Used Car Sales Site No. 1
Education (2020)
  • M Lukito, Golden Gate University School of Law
Transportation needs for now become the main choice of every circle. seva mobil bekas Although there is public transportation, but most people prefer private vehicles as a special alternative to driving, especially going to the office, just for a walk or even a picnic to a far place.

In addition, transportation needs, especially cars, are one of everyone's choices because these four-wheeled vehicles have their own advantages for each owner. One of the advantages that can be seen is to avoid hot or rainy weather, and more passenger capacity than other vehicles such as motorcycles.

Problem Society Will Purchase Quality Cars

This transportation need is also one that is sought after by all those who want to have this four-wheeled vehicle. No need to ask again, of course, car transportation is the main need of every circle. But sometimes many people are still quite difficult to buy a car.

Buying a car is not an easy matter for everyone, especially you who want to try to buy, sometimes from those who are looking for a fairly affordable price and want good quality. Maybe some of the websites also offer cars that are pretty good with affordable quality but after being bought sometimes it doesn't match the desired results.

Therefore, the need for research in advance to find a good website for buying a car. One website that you can count on is Ever heard of this website? If not see the following review.

Regarding the Seva Trusted Website. Id

The website is one of the most complete and trusted service sites specifically for automotive services. In addition, this service site also offers the purchase and sale of used cars to the latest, trade in vehicles, booking services, insurance, property, purchases for spare parts, to financial services offered by

In addition, also offers used car seva and new car if you buy one of these vehicles. That way, when you want to buy this four-wheeled vehicle you don't have to come to the dealer directly but can go through the website offered by Because is also a fairly easy marketplace and orders are like regular online shopping.

Thus, if you want to buy a used or new car, you don't need to worry and you don't need to come to the dealer directly, but through the website, you can shop four-wheeled vehicles as easily as offered by In addition, there are many advantages offered by this automotive service site.

Excellence of Services

Help to sell private cars
Sometimes it may be from you very difficult to sell a private vehicle even though it has been distributed or offered through private social media. But if you sell cars on Here, it will directly help you to sell your private vehicle independently by advertising the vehicle you want to sell on

Credit Calculator

If you buy a vehicle at, especially seva used cars or seva new cars even though of course you need transparency and an appropriate and clear price. That way, helps you to provide information on the cost range of the vehicle you are selling. By doing a simulation you will know the price more clearly.

This simulation consists of monthly payments, advances and credit tenors that can be adjusted to your abilities.


In certain periods seva will usually provide promos for seva used cars and new seva cars that can attract customers to buy or sell their cars. Promos offered include, Stock Clearance, product bundling, purchase of used car seva, and other properties with more attractive offers.

These advantages are certainly very profitable for those of you who want to sell or buy this four-wheeled vehicle at and the promos offered. In addition, the Stock Clearence offered by is also quite a lot, but do you know what in is like? Check out the following review.

Stock Clearence at

Stock Clearance at is selling cars by giving special discounts that only apply to VIN cars (the year of manufacture) like last year which is 2019. Of course there are also many distinct advantages if you buy a Stock Clearance car, what are the benefits of buying a car with This Stock Clearance? Check out the following review.

The condition of the car is still fresh
Another advantage in buying a Stock Clearance car. Although the production of new cars is often there every year but it does not reduce the performance of the old car and seva mobil bekas.
Publication Date
Summer May 23, 2020
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