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Assessing Data Linking in Transportation Technical Reports
Proceedings of the IATUL Conferences
  • Lisa Zilinski, Purdue University
  • Paul Bracke, Purdue University - Main Campus
  • David Scherer, Purdue University - Main Campus
Session Number
Parallel Session 2C
  • library assessment,
  • scholarly communication,
  • institutional repositories,
  • data publication
In 2013, the Purdue Libraries partnered with the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP), a collaboration between Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), to incorporate the publication of research data sets into the technical report publication process. This project extended an existing process, developed in partnership between the Purdue Libraries, Purdue University Press, and JTRP, which leveraged Purdue's institutional repository to replace artisanal production processes with a more professional approach (Zilinski, Scherer, Bullock, Horton, & Matthews, forthcoming; Newton, Bullock, Watkinson, Bracke, & Horton, 2012). The existing workflow focused on production of textual documents, but did not address opportunities related to research data or geospatial information within the reports. The new workflow was intended to improve access to, and usability of, research data embedded in the reports by combining functions of Purdue e-Pubs with functions of the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR). This paper will present a framework for repository assessment including performance indicators and instruments measuring the impact of leveraging data and institutional repositories for linking publications to data. This framework will allow us to address research questions such as: What is the strategic value of linking data and publication for researchers and research centers? How can repositories contribute to key performance outcomes for researchers and research center administrators? What is the value of this initiative to library administration? Why is this relationship and initiative important to the libraries in developing repository and data services?
Citation Information
Lisa Zilinski, Paul Bracke and David Scherer. "Assessing Data Linking in Transportation Technical Reports" (2014)
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