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Relationship Between Hot Flashes and Ambulatory Blood Pressure: The Hilo Women's Health Study
Psychosomatic Medicine (2011)
  • Daniel E. Brown
  • Lynnette L Sievert, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Lynn A. Morrison
  • Nicole Rahberg
  • Angela Reza

Objectives: To examine ambulatory blood pressure (BP) differences between women who report hot flashes (HFs) and those who do not, and to observe whether an objectively measured HF is associated with transient changes in BP. HFs have been associated with elevated BP, but studies have not examined the relationship between objectively measured HFs and blood pressure during normal daily activities.

Methods: A sample of 202 women in Hilo, Hawaii, aged 45 to 55 years, were asked to fill out a questionnaire that included demographic information and an inventory of symptoms. The women underwent simultaneous 24-hour monitoring of ambulatory BP and HFs, at the same time keeping a diary that included mood and HF reports.

Results: No significant difference was present in mean BP between women who reported having an HF during the last 2 weeks and those who did not. When measurements controlled for negative mood reports and posture, there was a highly significant elevation in Z scores of systolic BP when a measured, objective HF occurred within 10 minutes before a BP reading, and a significant elevation of Z scores of diastolic BP when a subjectively reported HF occurred within 10 minutes after a BP reading.

Conclusions: These results suggest that objectively measured HFs precede transient elevations of systolic BP, but it is unclear if there is a causal relationship. These results also suggest that women experience subjective HFs within 10 minutes after a transient increase in diastolic BP. Again, the causal relationship is not understood.

  • hot flashes,
  • ambulatory blood pressure,
  • menopausal status,
  • diurnal BP pattern,
  • negative moods,
  • posture
Publication Date
February, 2011
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Daniel E. Brown, Lynnette L Sievert, Lynn A. Morrison, Nicole Rahberg, et al.. "Relationship Between Hot Flashes and Ambulatory Blood Pressure: The Hilo Women's Health Study" Psychosomatic Medicine Vol. 73 Iss. 2 (2011)
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